Medical Self-pay Receivables

AR Billing Services is a U.S. based call center business management solution provider, specializing in the recovery of non-default, medical self-pay receivables. As a proven provider of early AR management services, we bring a great depth of medical billing knowledge & payment solutions to our client's Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). Recover more and recover it quicker than you could ever manage yourself before.





Higher Education Receivables

American Education Assets (AEA) specializes in Higher Education Receivable Management Solutions, which include, private student loan servicing, tuition expenses and other miscellaneous fees owed to the institution. With AEA, every client is a “full-service” client. We will never charge you more to get our best effort. We believe that choosing us should be the easiest thing you do. In 2018 we saw an opportunity to enter the market and change it in the process.




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